Legrand offers you know-how for your low voltage project

Together with you, we look for integrated project solutions, keep downtime costs as low as possible and offer optimal logistical coordination. Products that are easy and quick to install are of course indispensable for this. Our project-based approach includes calculation, engineering, assembly, logistical coordination with our suppliers, certification of plants and customer service. In this way, the total costs for installation can be minimized.

With the busbar you can offer your customer the best solution in terms of (TCO) total cost of ownership. Not only do you save time in the installation phase, but the maintenance of the electrical infrastructure becomes easier. 

  • You can install quickly without wasting time by pulling cables.
  • Pre-assembly with branching points can be done on site, saving you time and money
  • With our help in the design phase, 3D engineering in the run-up to the installation considerably reduces possible error costs during the installation.


Busbars distribute electricity with greater ease and flexibility than some other more permanent forms of installation and distribution. The busbar is an excellent solution for distributing power in a data center. Busbars are a solution with great advantages such as 

Reduced plant costs 
Less construction work means that installation is less costly and there are no costly modifications and no external labor costs for electrical technicians.

Faster installation 
Construction projects get up and running faster and there is the ability to add, remove or relocate energy easily and quickly without downtime.

Flexibility for the future 
Some plug-in units can be plugged in and out without switching off the power supply, do not require routine maintenance and can be expanded or converted more quickly and cost-effectively.

Environmentally friendly 
Busbars often require less installation material, and sockets are reusable and repositionable. Even at the end of their life, Zucchini busbars are environmentally friendly because they are easy to dismantle and the various pure raw materials can be quickly separated and recycled.

Optimization of the space requirement
Busbars are much more compact in terms of cable distribution and allow sharp corners, which then allows for an optimized use of space inside buildings.

Improved electromagnetic compatibility:
Zucchini busbars, with their steel sheet, provide excellent shielding against electromagnetic emissions, resulting in a healthier environment for people and electronic goods, taking into account unshielded distribution systems.

Starline Track Busway 100 & 225 Amp systems

Ideal for supplying a large amount of power to mission critical environments that require it. Housing sections include straights, elbows and tees which assemble to create a plug-and-play power distribution system that revolutionizes the way environments operate. 

In Short: 

  • Rearrange power connections to wherever you need them; no rewiring necessary 
  • Simple to install with little to no maintenance required 
  • Customizable plug-in units built to customer specifications 
  • Patented u-shaped copper busbars ensure a continuous, reliable power connection 
  • Optional integrated metering and value-added accessories such as infrared (IR) windows, specialized brackets for mounting and hanging loads, and closure strip 
  • Available in custom colors  

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Zucchini SCP and XCP High Power Busbar From 630 to 6300 A

Zucchini has become a leading name in busbar power distribution systems. Zucchini offers solutions to 6300 A high power systems, including rising mains. The Zucchini SCP and XCP ranges are used for the connection between electric panels, for panel- transformer connection as well as in the rising mains of the buildings. 

In Short: 
speed, simplicity and flexibilityin both the planning and installation phase 

  • No bolted solution 
  • reduce the size of the technical room 
  • limit electromagnetic interference 
  • excellent short-circuit stress resistance features 
  • reduce fire hazard 
  • compliance with harmonised standards IEC 60439-1 and 2; 

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