Connected Home

Connected Home

Residential Products for Smart Home
Create a smart home? Easy with Legrand.

Easy to install (wireless or on the existing network), easy to use (all in one app), easy to expand, and all within budget easier than you think. However you want to execute your project, we have the solution. That makes us an ideal, future-proof partner.

Smart Home functions

In addition to our wide range of individual intelligent connected products, you can build a customized smart house according to the particular needs of your client or future tenant such as :

  • Light and shutter controls
  • Temperature and ventilation controls
  • Security controls such as door entry, indoor and outdoor camera surveillance, alarm detection of windows and doors
  • Energy Management . Indoors in the energy consumption per room, or of the complete installation
  • Music distribution throughout the building
  • Intelligent controls via smartphone and/or manual controls via push buttons or touch screen
  • Wireless or wired communication
  • With standard wiring devices, with premium ranges, or/and controls via the control cabinet

The choice is yours.

Also have a look at our proposals for end users on our B2C web pages.