Netatmo pro

Netatmo pro

Netatmo, recognized as an expert in Smart Home solutions, offers a range of innovative products that are easy to use and install. Netatmo's PRO range products are guaranteed for 4 years. 


Smart thermostat

Save energy without compromising your comfort. 

The Smart Thermostat is compatible with more than 1500 boilers and heat pumps. 

The Smart Thermostat connects to the Netatmo relay via its own radio frequency. The relay is connected to the internet by wifi and can be remotely controlled from the Netatmo Energy application. This thermostat replaces most wall and wireless thermostats. You can also install it as a new thermostat to control a boiler or heat pump. 

Additional intelligent thermostatic valves

Choose the right temperature for each room in your home. 

If you are installing a new thermostat or district heating package, you can place up to 20 Intelligent Thermostatic Valves 

The Intelligent Thermostatic Valves are connected by radio frequency to the relay included in the Intelligent Thermostat pack and in the collective heating pack. The relay connects to the internet via wifi and can be remotely controlled from the Netatmo Energy application. If you already have a Netatmo Intelligent Thermostat, you just have to check, in the Netatmo Energy app settings, the number of Intelligent Thermostatic valves you can add. 

Thermostatic valves - Starter pack for collective heating

Control the temperature of your house equipped with collective heating. 

Thermostatic Valves  are compatible with 90% of the radiators on the market, including Danfoss, Heimeir and Honeywell. 

The package of intelligent thermostatic valves for zone heating is particularly suitable for buildings with zone or collective heating. It consists of a relay and 2 intelligent thermostatic heads. Intelligent thermostatic heads adjust the flow of hot water from the building's pipes.  
The thermostatic valves are connected by radio frequency to the relay included in the package for collective heating. The relay is connected to the internet via wifi and can therefore be controlled remotely from the app. 

Intelligent outdoor camera

Alerts you in real time in the event of an intrusion, so that you can take the necessary measures. 

Detects the presence of people, vehicles and animals. 

The Outdoor Smart Camera is the first outdoor surveillance camera that detects and reports the presence of people, cars and animals. It warns in real time if someone is lurking around the house, if a vehicle passes through the gate or if an animal passes in the garden. The integrated intelligent floodlight deters unwanted visitors and illuminates the passageway. The camera may turn on when a person, car or animal is detected. 



Real-time notification so that action can be taken in the event of an intrusion

The outdoor camera detects the presence of people, cars and animals.


The intelligent and weatherproof outdoor camera is an outdoor light and smart security camera with innovative motion detection in one and can therefore be installed instead of a standard outdoor light.

It records video material at a maximum range of 20 metres and a wide angle of 100° with 1080p Full-HD, thanks to powerful infrared even at night. The camera can differentiate between people, vehicles and animals and sends a real-time warning to your customer's smartphone.
The integrated intelligent projector scares off uninvited visitors and illuminates the street.

Is it an intruder? Then he will flee due to the integrated alarm siren - with its deafening 105 dB alarm - which is triggered directly via the app.

Netatmo products are compatible with Google Home platforms, Apple Home Kit and Amazon platforms.




See who is at the door from any location and respond directly.

The video doorbell also provides information about unwanted visitors at the front door.

The smart doorbell with colour video camera (140° opening angle) offers Full-HD 1080 p video quality, a 5 x digital zoom and infrared night vision. Connection is via 8 - 24V and 230V. A wired doorbell system is required on site. The connection to the network is ensured via WiFi.

A local 8 GB data memory (MicroSD card) is included. It is possible to store the data free of charge in a dropbox account or on a private FTP server. So no forced monthly subscriptions  to get access to your data!  The smart video doorbell has IP 44 protection.

Your customer receives a message on his smartphone when someone rings at his front door. Unwanted visit? This person can be asked to leave with the integrated loudspeaker, whether your customer is at home or not.


Intelligent interior camera

Alerts you in real time in the event of a burglary, so that you can take the necessary measures. 

A revolutionary surveillance camera with facial recognition. 

Unlike cameras with motion detection that require you to waste time viewing recordings, this camera immediately notifies you that an intruder has been detected by sending a picture of his face, as well as video. The camera also has an alarm detection function. When the camera detects an alarm, such as a burglary or fire, it sends a notification to the smartphone and records video. 



Enhance your customers' security system with Netatmo's smart indoor alarm siren and thus ensure more security. In combination with Netatmo's smart indoor camera, your customers will receive many practical functions: Thanks to face recognition, the alarm siren is automatically activated and deactivated when familiar people leave or return. In addition, your customers will receive real-time notifications of people who are uninvited in the house.

The siren only works with the indoor camera (sold separately)


Netatmo's smart door and window sensors inform your customers before anyone can enter their home. They are mounted on the doors and windows and trigger an alarm at the slightest attempt to break in, as they detect even the slightest vibration. In such a case, your customers are immediately warned via their smartphone and gain valuable time to initiate appropriate actions, such as alerting the police.

The sensors only work with the Netatmo smart indoor camera and are available separately


Smart smoke detector

Receive real-time alerts. No matter where you are.

Improve safety at home with smartphone alerts and a battery that lasts 10 years.

In case of smoke, the Smart Smoke Detector triggers a powerful 85 dB alarm and sends real-time notifications to the smartphone. The smoke detector's battery has the same life as the product's battery.