Network Cabinets

Network Cabinets

Legrand has an extensive portfolio of server and network cabinets for data centers and/or server rooms. 

With the feature-rich cabinet platform, customers can rely on a scalable, energy-efficient and future-proof platform that meets the increased demands on data center technology due to the exponential growth of digitization, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, Edge and artificial intelligence (AI).

Legrand cabinets are perfectly suited for the installation of (blade) servers, switches, patch panels, routers and storage devices, among others. Which cabinet best suits your needs depends largely on the intended application.

The Nexpand cabinet platform is designed for four key values: Intelligent, solid, safe and sustainable

Smart > Unlimited possibilities

The design of the cabinet is extremely flexible. For example, the interior is built to be adjustable in 3 dimensions, the roof is completely modular, which provides more space and flexibility for infrastructure management on the top of the rack.

Solid > Reliability of the next level

The Nexpand platform consists of light but solid doors and frames that easily support the weight of IT equipment. The robustness, complete integration of the locking system and cabling are unique in the market.

Secure > Protect your data 

Nexpand guarantees maximum security by connecting to the best platforms for electronic door interlocks, including high security cable management integrated into the door and tamper-proof door mechanisms. Everything to protect your IT equipment.

Sustainable > Energy efficiency of the next level

Sustainability is embedded both in the development of the product and in its functionality. The selection of environmentally friendly materials and processes for production and assembly is guaranteed by a so-called "eco-passport" - Profile Environmental Passport. The cabinets have been designed to ensure optimal airflow management during use, resulting in a first-class energy-efficient solution.