Valena Life/Allure with Netatmo

Valena Life/Allure with Netatmo


With Valena™ Life/Allure with Netatmo, it's child's play to network your customers' homes. Offer your customers a wide variety of models and designs and at the same time the possibility to upgrade their installation with intelligent solutions using smartphones, voice control or scenario programming.

child's play to network your customers' homes

Your arguments for the end user

Make your home safer

Shutter Valena Life

Lock your house with one touch and simulate your presence when you are not at home. Be informed about any unusual activity via smartphone.

Consume less electricity


Control your energy consumption without thinking about it and save energy and money - day after day.

Tell your house what to do

From now on your house will listen to your voice. Just tell Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on your lights, adjust your heating, secure your house...

Increase your independence

lighting management

Increase your comfort and independence in your home. Control your lighting, thermostat, shading and household appliances by voice command or on the move, using a tablet or smartphone.

simple installation

Installation and programming - without much effort, very simple.


Easy installation

Even in existing systems, you can easily replace standard sockets and switches with networked products. There are no unsightly holes and no additional cabling. Thanks to special adhesive strips that allow repositioning elsewhere, you can attach the radio wall transmitters wherever your customer wants. The installation of the devices is carried out in the shortest possible time by you or the customer using the app "Home + Control" via smartphone or tablet.


Easy to use

Your customers control lighting, heating, shutters...all functions individually or simultaneously with one touch or voice command. The possibilities are endless. Controlling the temperature separately with the smartphone, dimming the lighting by voice command - all these possibilities and wishes can be fulfilled by your customer very easily.

Easy control

Demonstrate to your customers how to control the entire house - whether at the touch of a button or voice command. Set the alarm so that your customer is informed by smartphone or tablet in case of a power failure or excessive energy consumption !

"Alexa, roll down the blind! Siri, lights on!" This is how your customers operate your light or the connected roller shutters via the usual voice assistance systems or at the touch of a button or via smartphone & tablet. Whatever your customer prefers !

  • Speak
  • Wipe
  • Press


Ask your customers if they want to use a language system and which language system they prefer: Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri.


Set as a service of the Home + Control app with the most necessary scenarios : leaving home, waking up, going to sleep.


Mount the radio switch exactly where the customer needs it.

energy saving

The most important economic arguments for your customers !
Herewith you convince your customers to decide for an intelligent plant !

  • INVESTIGATE LESS: It has never been so easy to create a networked home automation system. The starter package and each additional product or extension package can be installed individually and integrated just as easily. Valena™ Life/Allure with Netatmo works worldwide with the most important brands and platforms - such as Apple HomeKit, Google-Home, Amazon Echo, Somfy, Bubendorff, Netatmo or IFTTT. This allows you to easily integrate third-party products into your system and increase functionality.  
  • SAVE MUCH: Improve your comfort, even while saving energy. The "Home + Control" app gives you a detailed overview of your energy consumption, both at a specific time and over a longer period of time. For a specific luminaire as well as for a household appliance or for all electricity consumers together. These details help you to optimise energy saving.



  • STARTER PACKAGE: Serves as a basis for creating a networked installation, which enables the control and monitoring of the electrical installation via the smartphone. The desired individual products or the practical expansion package can of course also be used to expand the system.  
  • EXPANSION PACKAGE: For expanding the starter package - contains the products for creating a wireless switch-over circuit. Of course, the necessary individual products can also be used.
starter package

Starter package

Extension package

Setting up and controlling your home automation becomes child's play

Simply replace standard sockets and switches in your project with networked products. The devices are installed using the free "Home + Control" app with smartphone, tablet or PC. The new sockets and switches connect you or your customer to the router via WLAN. Once networked, all networked devices can be controlled by fingertip, keystroke or via Alexa, Siri & Co.

Valena Life With Netatmo works with the most important brands and platforms, such as: Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Echo, Somfy, Bubendorff, Netatmo.

Installation is easier, more flexible and cheaper than ever before

With Valena™ Life/Allure with NETATMO, every conventional electrical installation is transformed into a radio-controlled home automation system via radio and cloud. You simply replace the present switch with networked components from Valena™ Life/Allure with NETATMO.

Your customers can expand their home automation system step by step and flexibly network new devices, also from third parties!