Panelbuild accessories

Panelbuild accessories

Each switchboard requires specific wiring accessories.

Cable ducts, terminals , ferrules and marking systems

Signalling is also often used in industrial applications. 
We offer a wide range of wiring accessories for switchboards. Many of our panel builders have been standardising Legrand products for years.  
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Wiring ducts

Lina 25 and Transcab cable ducts

Advantages of Legrand cable trunking

Lead-free, cadmium-free PVC. Complies with the European ROHS directive (2002/95, CE January 17, 2003)

  • Cutting by hand to the right length, without roughness, using the Legrand pliers.
  • Bulge for cable positioning
  • Rounded tongue heads
  • No threshold for a T derivation
  • Break lines at the base of the side walls. Threshold-free wire passage with prisms
  • With holes for collars
  • Shrinkage between tabs
  • Embossing in the lid allows labels to be glued in alignment and prevents damage.

Characteristics of the Lina 25 trunking

  • Material : PVC
  • White stripes on the lid for marking by engraving or writing with indelible felt tip pens.
  • Color: grey RAL 7030
  • Lateral perforation with a 12.5 mm gap

Characteristics of Transcab trunking

  • Material: PC/ABS halogen-free
  • Lid grey, without white stripes
  • Color : light grey
  • Lateral perforation with a 12.5 mm gap


Viking³ terminal blocks and power blocks

Viking³ terminal blocks

Screw or spring connection 

Terminal blocks provide the electrical connection between two flexible or solid conductors. Two connection types are available: screw or spring-cage connection. Compatible with photovoltaic applications. 

Accessories: locking stops, grippers, connecting rods, fusion indicators, end, separation and insulation partitions, equipotential bonding bars and combs, insulation accessories, ...  
Accepts CAB 3 markers/marker holders. 

Viking³ power terminal blocks

For all types of connections: cable-to-cable, range-to-range, range-to-cable, cable-to-range. 

Immediate location

Viking³ power terminal blocks accept CAB 3 and Duplix markings. This allows for clear cable identification and a flawless finish. 

Respect for wiring habits

Viking³ power terminal blocks are suitable for all types of connections: aluminium or copper cable, flexible or rigid bar, connection with or without cable lugs. They are designed to respect your wiring habits, whether you are a panel builder or an installer. 

A safe and efficient connection

The body of the power terminal blocks consists of insulating material and is made of polyamide. It withstands temperatures ranging from -25 to +100 °C. You can test the block with a touch point, diameter 4, cover closed. Viking³ power terminal blocks are IK 04 and comply with IEC EN 60947-7-1. 


Starfix wire end sleeves

Make fast and reliable connections with the Starfix crimping tool and Starfix wire end ferrules. Everything you need for wiring from 0.25 to 50 mm².

Starfix bits and clips

  • Starfix crimping pliers are available in different sizes for cable sections up to 6 mm².
  • The end sleeves are supplied on strips or rolls to prevent them from falling into the system and to enable you to get the job done quickly.

Marking systems

CAB 3, Memocab and Duplix tracking systems



Universal marking system that fits all supports: cables, wires from 0.15 mm² to 6 mm², terminal blocks, power terminal blocks, Lina 25 ducts. 

Available in : 

  • numbers, numbers, letters, conventional signs, etc. 
  • Blank marker plates. 

Accessories: marker holders, marker holders, chargers, displays, storage cases, ...


Closed ring marking system for wires and cables in aggressive industrial environments. 

Marking length from 12 mm to 30 mm on sections from 0.25 mm² to 300 mm². The markers can be installed at the last moment.  
Accessories: binders, grippers, extractors, storage cases. 


Open or closed marking system (with cover), with markers or labels. 

Indoor or outdoor use (with UV protection cover) in clean or dirt-prone environments.  
Numbers, letters, conventional signs.  
Accessories: marker holders, label holders, protective covers, intervention case.