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Hygiene in all circumstances  

Within the food and beverage industry the number one enemy is pollution, viruses and food processing errors.  You have to rely 100 % on the conditions in which you set up your process, and the electrical and network installation is an essential part of it. 


Besides the hygienic conditions:  

  • Production lay out need to be flexible to change  in case of seasonal impact and large increases in demand 
  • In case of restructuring the production the down time of the installation should be as short as possible. 
  • In the long run the total cost of ownership (TCO) is decisive for the choice of installation , as maintenance of the installation is a critical decision point. 
Production of chocolate rice biscuits in food industry plant

Our solutions fully comply with hygiene standards . Moreover due to our worldwide presence you can guarantee the same conditions in your plants regardless were you process your products !  

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