Production line in a factory

Light industry

Reducing the risk of down time to a minimum 

In every production facility  process continuity is key.  Costs involved due a power cut are huge, and can result in substantial damage to the machines and equipment  Therefore power continuity and power quality are main topics in every industrial installation  

Besides that management and control is more over supported with data analysis. So next to power also the data network is a crucial element in optimizing production processes and energy management.  

The challenges industrial organisations face besides process continuity is also the adaptability of the machine park.  

  • Production lay out need to be flexible to change   
  • In case of restructuring the production the down time of the installation should be as short as possible. 
  • In the long run the total cost of ownership (TCO) is decisive for the choice of installation , as maintenance of the installation is a critical decision point. 

We at Legrand we have a complete offer for  power and network solutions for machine parks, assembly facilities, laboratories, testfacilities etc. 

Busbar and cable tray in a light industry facility

Our light industry offer