Apartment block

Apartment block

All you need for a residential installation

 To provide  an apartment block and the individual apartments  with an electrical infrastructure it means that the central and decentral installation parts should seamlessly integrated.  Main power lines should be efficiently distributed over the various floors,  and the individual apartments should be adapted to the particular needs of the house-owners.   Particularly in todays smart homes  the owners of individual apartments want to control, secure and measure their apartment according to their own needs.   

So central installation elements for an apartment block are :  

  • main power infrastructure of the building,  
  • a common alternative energy source with solar panels on the top roof,  
  • 1 central access control point   
  • 1 central datanetwork point for security , fire alarm system a.o.  
  • 1 central electrical vehicle charge facility. On the other hand there is the individual need for measuring 


Technical room of an apartment building

In each apartment there is the specific need for: 

  • Power infrastructure  
  • Smart home applications  
  • ‘Local” access control point  
  • Network safety and continuity of  internet routers and connected devices  
  • A design of wiring devices that matches the interior of the apartment
Access control of an apartment building with door entry systems
Netatmo outdoor camera with siren

Besides our connected home  offer to secure and control an apartment, save energy and offer more comfort for each individual home, we offer a complete electrical and network system for the complete building.   

Our offer for individual houses