Smart Home

Connected Home

Offer endusers the benefit of a connected home.

A house is one of the most important assets in once life, of which people take great care. The connected home, or smart home, gives people a new dimension in enjoying their life by: 

  • Making their life more easy and comfortable 
  • Giving them more peace of mind  
  • Watching out for them  
  • Assisting them when they need it  

We have many solutions to provide more comfort and security to the enduser, and at the same time let them save energy. See for more inspiration our enduser website.

Lady showing all smart home products for more comfort and security

The challenges we face  to make a true connected home is to make sure that :    

  • Devices are seamlessly installed and ready to use. 
  • Devices can communicate with other 3rd party smart products to build a complete smart home eco-system 
  • You can rely on a professional partner, like Legrand, that complies with privacy standards, and technical evolutions   

We at Legrand are supporting the transformation to the connect home with a large range of intelligent products and software applications to fit your project! 


Our offer connected home solutions