Picture and drawing of a luxury house from outside

Multi level house

All you need for a residential installation  

To provide a house with an electrical infrastructure that meets today’s specifications, much more is needed compared the way we provided our houses with electricity and datanetworks  a few years ago.   The installation should be able to comply with needs for:  

  • Higher power consumption due to more and more powered devices in our homes  
  • Power control devices, so that  power cuts are solved quickly and automatically 
  • Charging infrastructure for electrical cars and/ or bikes 
  • Collecting , distributing and saving  generated energy from solar panels  
  • Network safety and continuity of  internet routers and connected devices  
  • A design of wiring devices that matches the interior of the home 


The challenges we face  to make a future proof installation is to make sure that :    

  • Installations are safeguarded from lightning strikes, power cuts, or in case they not sufficiently equipped to peak power consumption 
  • you can completely rely on the security systems in your home regarding alarm , access control,  fire detection and others  
  • the installation contributes to a lower energy consumption up to even an energy neutral house. 
  • All preventive measures are in place and installations standards are followed  to prevent fire-incidents in the installation 
Installer testing the power level of a power socket in a home

Besides our connected home  offer to secure and control your home, save energy and offer more comfort, we offer a complete electrical and network system for every individual home. From the distribution panel up to every single room, we power your house they way you like it!  

Our offer for individual houses