Modern car park with excellent level of lighting

Car park

Car parks transforming parking places to mobility centers

Whether you want to park your car,  charge your electrical vehicle or use a central car share provider, car parks will transform to mobility centers servicing  these demands. This will have a big influence on the power distribution requirements and network infrastructure.  Payment systems and access control need to be extended depending on the service concepts offered.  Energy efficiency is key to keep costs in control, and to make sure power levels of charge points are equally distributed.  

The challenges we face is to make our car parks:    

  • Ready to offer  mobility services  
  • Capable of handling peak power consumption without effecting adjoining retail or office buildings 
  • Circular , so that materials can be re-used at its end of life  

We at Legrand are excited about the evolution of mobility and like to contribute with our power and network solutions to fit your project!

Car mobility center in car park

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