hotel room smart solutions


Hotels face the challenge to deliver unique experiences with high quality interior and services against competitive prices.

The way for hotel entrepeneurs to compete with tight margins against competitive players like Airbnb or even other leisure concepts is to offer a unique product for their guests that delivers an unique memorie or experience , for which they are willing to pay more.  

But how do you realise this with interior designs and trends changing faster then before and continuous new technologies that require hotels to adapt, with  on the contrary shorter pay-back times for investments.  In the end hotel owners need to keep on innovating to attract customers and remain distinctive in location and concept   

The electrical installation is an important element to enforce this experience, by : 

  • A design touch to every interior 
  • Simple and easy to use hotel automation systems for every hotelsize 
  • Flexible and scalable electrical infrastructures  

In a sense, we at Legrand have a broad range of products that not only suit the primairy installation of the hotel, but gives a finishing touch to each overnight experience !      

Outside view of a hotel with glass and steel construction

Our hotel offer