Couple deciding on purchasing a smartphone in a shop


In competition with e-commerce, retailers must offer more to attract visitors !

It is clear that in today’s world retailers are facing the competition of  webshops .  On the other hand pure players of webshops also understand that a physical touch point of a shop is sometimes needed to help the consumer in its buying process.  Put next to it, the development of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtually Reality)  as well as other technologies, and it is clear that the shops of today will undergo significant changes.  

We need high performing retail spaces that are smart in its core, and are facilitated with a failure proof electrical installation and datanetwork, so that new technologies can be easily integrated to improve customer experience. 

The challenges we face is to make retail spaces:    

  • More flexible and quickly adaptable to new technologies 
  • Smarter by using big data to get behavioural insights of visitors to optimize the retail space 
  • Failure proof networks and power distribution. 

We at Legrand are ready to meet these challenges together with you, by offering flexible and scalable solutions. 

Large shopping mall with big data everywhere

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